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Rockfish announces new ship classes, missions and story for Everspace 2

Published: 00:31, 20 February 2021
Everspace 2 - Vanguard
Everspace 2 - Vanguard

Everspace 2 is already growing into a beloved game status but Rockfish are pushing forward with more content announced across the entire 2021.

Everspace 2 players seem to have loved the game so far since it's enjoying 92 per cent positive reviews on Steam and when you experience something wonderful, it's only natural that you will search for more. Rockfish heard the fans loud and clear and they announced plenty of stuff in a roadmap that covers the entirety of 2021.

The first additions are coming in April when the team will add two new ship classes - Vanguard and Bomber. The first one is a nimble vessel that serves well for manoeuvres and recon with emphasis on speed and defensive measures.

Bomber's name is kind of self-explanatory since it specialises in missiles and mines and has access to unique weapons and warheads. If you want to make things go boom in space, this is the ship class for you.

April will also bring new missions, activities, mini-missions, challenges and an alien companion. The story campaign will continue in Union and the devs are bringing back WIP TTS voice-overs.

Summer of 2021 will be even more exciting for the fans as it will bring the third system, called Zharkov. It will include new creatures, enemies and natural phenomena, on top of more missions, challenges and so on.

As the seasons change, Everspace 2 will grow and autumn 2021 will bring the fourth system, Khait Nebula, as well as another set of all the goodies mentioned above for the previous updates. Yes, that includes two additional ship classes .

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