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Everspace 2 is getting new star system, weapons and more

Published: 14:02, 18 June 2021
Rockfish Games
Everspace 2
Everspace 2

Everspace 2 is expanding with the third star system that will bring along many features and other kinds of content for the players.

Everspace 2 is getting Zharkov: The Vortex, a new star system that will lead the players into the eye of the storm, bringing along exciting spacefaring adventures and dogfights but also much more.

The system is going to let more on about the Ancients and their secretive nature as well as shady business by Grady & Brunt mining operation. While both of these factions were already present in Everspace, there will be a few more bits and pieces to uncover for the inquisitive types. Besides the obvious dangers, there will also be new natural hazards, weapon types and a new planetary location.

In other words, players are getting more story and more to do, all with new fully-voiced content. New activities, mini-missions and challenges will appear in Zharkov and players will be able to obtain a new companion.

For those looking to change their ships a bit, there is the new Light Fighter Class, Vanguard. More information about it will be released in the future but in the meantime, the players can keep chasing the new level cap which also brings more perks and combinations to explore.


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