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Escape from Tarkov: Wipe is (probably) not on 20th of May

Published: 20:00, 06 May 2022
Battlestate Games
Double check the Custom dorms before entering. Rogues are officially on Customs.
Double check the Custom dorms before entering. Rogues are officially on Customs.

Is the wipe next Thursday, the 20th of May, or in June, or even as far as July? Tarkov community has been speculating about that for the past month, and today's announcement of the Rogue event only brought new fuel to the discussion.

Earlier today, we wrote about the possibility of a wipe happening next week on Thursday, May 12th, as the new Rogue event started today , which could be read as the start of pre-wipe event week.

But some users disagree.

What caught their attention was the date shown in the Twitter video posted by Battlestate Games: 06.0520/22. Players from America quickly noticed the date, 20th of May, and posted so-called tinfoil theories online about wipe happening two weeks from now, rather than next week.

However, if you're not from America, you read that date as the 6th of May, which is today, the date that the Rogue event was announced and started. And Battlestate games being from Russia/Europe are probably using the DD-MM-YYYY format rather than the MM-DD-YYYY which is more frequently used in the United States of America.

Players from America argue that the conversation in today's video was between U.S.E.C. members, and them being American soldiers, could mean that the date should be read in American format, as Battlestate Games usually keeps track of such details. 

It could be Nikita's sneaky way of placing the wipe date without anyone noticing, which wouldn't be the first time.

Pestily, the most famous Escape from Tarkov streamer, posted jokingly about a confirmed wipe on Thursday, which some people of course took for granted, even though it is only one of the Tweets in the series of joke Tweets where people make connections based on random things and predicting wipe date.

If we were to wager, we'd probably bet on a wipe happening either next Thursday or in June, and all this is just teasing the fans to cause some commotion and activity among the community that is eagerly waiting for a wipe.

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