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Escape from Tarkov: New rogue event announced

Published: 15:22, 06 May 2022
Reddit user DatboiBazzle
Watch out for Rogues on maps other than Lighthouse
Watch out for Rogues on maps other than Lighthouse

An hour ago, Battlestate games announced the beginning of the new Rogue event happening in Escape from Tarkov. Is this a part of pre-wipe events or not?

A lot of player were expecting big things to happen on the 28th of April, and like many times before, it was just a tease and nothing major happened

The talk about incoming Lighthouse expansion and the wipe finally settled down for a week, and the rumors and speculations are about to start once again as Battlestate Games announced that Rogues, a faction of ex-USEC operatives, will be changing their location from Lighthouse to three other maps: Customs, Woods and Shoreline.

For those unfamiliar with the Escape from Tarkov ecosystem, usually, before the wipe, we get a week of pre-wipe events that feature bosses and raiders, enhanced A.I. Scavs, moving from one location to another. (followed by closing the market, free access to Labs or some other minor events)

As Rogues were added just last wipe, this may fall under the same category, and we could be entering pre-wipe events. And as most wipes in the past happened on Thursday, the start of the pre-wipe events matches perfectly with the wipe next Thursday, May 12th.

Another interpretation is that we are going to get Lighthouse expansion with new Rogue bosses, or just Rogue bosses.

In the radio conversation posted on Twitter, there was a mention of new bosses (Knight, Big Pipe, & Birdeye), that were teased last month.  They could be added and tested during this event.

For those players playing as a B.E.A.R. faction, keep your eyes open as Rogues will shoot at you on sight, same goes for the U.S.E.C. players running in the squad with B.E.A.R. members.

If you are a beginner, here are a few tips on how to level up fast after the wipe.

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