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Elden Ring leak reveals new details about kingdoms, bosses and PvP

Published: 08:13, 24 April 2020
From Software
Elden Ring

According to the latest post over at 4Chan, FromSoftware's upcoming action RPG Elden Ring features eight huge kingdoms with main bosses in each kingdom along with mini-bosses The leaker also claims that there is a ranking system for PvP.

Not a lot has been said about FromSoftware's upcoming action RPG Elden Ring ever since the developers made an announcement at E3 expo last year. We know that Hidetaka Miyazaki is returning to helm the game with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin.

Other than that, the information about the game is pretty scarce but thanks to some prominent leakers such as Omni , we have more details about the world of Elden Ring. Today, another leak has surfaced over at 4Chan, revealing new information about bosses, PvP, regions and more in Elden Ring.

Before we dive into it, we advise that you take it with a grain of salt since it is coming from 4Chan. 

The leak claims that Elden Ring will have eight kingdoms and that each kingdom will have its own unique main boss. Kingdoms will also feature mini-bosses and are described as huge and sprawling. "Bigger than any Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne levels".

On top of this, the leak states that "Pray Sanctuary" will replace bonfires while "limbs" are the new currency, replacing souls. For every killed enemy, players will receive only one limb, unlike many souls that you receive in Dark Souls games when slaying an enemy. Bosses will drop limbs "truly special in value".

From Software screenshot from elden ring showing a red hair female warrior Elden Ring

As for the eight kingdoms, each one will have only one "bonfire" which may seem a bit too harsh for players but apparently, these regions will feature many shortcuts to make the progression easier.

In addition to these eight regions, there is also a large hub area "The Field". Here, players will be able to ride their mounts, which include horses, wolves, bears and some mounts with unique designs. The Field will also have mini-bosses, described as "bosses from Dark Souls 1 and 2." The leaker claims that The Field is a truly special area with puzzles, side areas and caves for players to explore. 

PvP will feature a ranked system and will be available only in kingdoms while The Field will be PvP-free area. 

The leak features some additional info about the quests, NPCs and how players' choices will affect the endings. You can check it out here.

Elden Ring - an action RPG by George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware

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