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Elden Ring: New details about the lore, setting, open-world, narrative and quests

Published: 10:20, 31 March 2020
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Elden Ring

Reliable insider Omni has shared a new Elden Ring lore post over at ResetEra, revealing a ton of new details about the game's setting, open-world, characters, narrative and quests among other things.

Ever since the official reveal at E3 2019, From Software have been pretty quiet about their upcoming action-RPG Elden Ring. We know that Elden Ring is From Software's biggest project yet, with Game of Thrones writer George R.R Martin working on the game with Hidetaka Miyazaki.

And while we wait for the official information, a reliable insider Omni has been sharing a ton of details about the game's lore over at ResetEra. Just a couple of days ago, Omni shared another big post, which reveals a lot of new details about the open world, narrative, setting and more. Here is the breakdown of Omni's post:

Collaboration with George R.R Martin

Omni claims that George R.R Martin did not write the narrative for the game. Instead, he wrote the back story and world history of Elden Ring and is collaborating with Miyazaki & From Software on the world itself. "Miyazaki handled the narrative instead and Martin’s writings are used as world history, there was no hardline rules on how they had to adapt his writings and they were free to interpret them as they see fit and create based on that," Omni explained.

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Elden Ring

Races and characters

According to the post, important inhabitants of the world aren’t just humans or non-humans (though you as the player character will be). Players will meet a much wider variety of interesting folk on their journey, different races, some of which may have similar fantasy roots to races from previous From Software games, but just explored differently. "Different races out in the world add a lot of personality, variety and vibrancy that wasn’t really there before as the majority of who you meet are generally human or some form of human-esque," Omni wrote.

On top of this, on their journey, players will meet more engaging and believable characters with stories that span across the game's world in terms of location and story progression with their own motives and personal ambitions. "Like the larger and more involved NPC quests of DS3 but on a more consistent scale."

The scope and the tone of Elden Ring

Elden Ring's world, lore and narrative is described as "more grandiose" than past games in pretty much every way. Omni claims that Elden Ring will stray a bit further from "convention into the territory of being brighter than usual" From Software games. Elden Ring will still have its dark moments, though, it is From Software game after all.

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Elden Ring

About Elden Ring, lore and setting

Omni draws a parallel to our world. Apparently, Elden Ring is a fundamental force of the game's world similar to how the moon is crucial for the life on earth, how magnetic fields keep us safe from cosmic storms and solar flares. "The Elden Ring is a fundamental force of this world" Omni explains. "And while its loss hasn’t literally wiped all life off the face of the planet, it’s had a number of more exciting fantastical effects on the world".

Try to imagine what happens to the land without the people, what happens when the Elden Ring barrier comes down and "the worst and unimaginable things" keep coming to our world. "When existence itself and everything within and around it just stops working as intended. Its influence has seeped into everything for better or worse and you get to witness the results of that"

World and regions

Players will get to wade through this world in turmoil and witness the conflict amongst races "across great distances" which do not take place in just a single land like previous games, but multiple regions with their own unique qualities, characteristics, visuals and recognisable inhabitants.

"This will be more of a journey than ever. Part of making that world and journey more engaging and believable though is populating the world with interesting characters for you to meet, with their own journey and stories and that’s another aspect that From Software is making an effort to improve on," Omni explains.

Elden Ring - an action RPG by George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware

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Elden Ring

You can check Omni's full post here.

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