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EA go into detail on all Anthem's javelin ultimate abilities

Published: 08:16, 02 November 2018
Updated: 08:46, 02 November 2018
Screenshot from anthem showing a Javelin flying through the air with explosions around

Electronic Arts have decided to share some details on Anthem's javelin ultimates and although they warned that things are still subject to change at this phase, this is about what to expect when the game launches on 22 February 2019.

The Ranger, which is your jack of all trades and master of none, sports the multi-target missile battery, that allows for precision-guided missile strikes against enemies. It's especially handy if you're looking to make a proper entrance and send a bunch of enemies packing while you're at it.

As you'd expect, Anthem's tank to end all tanks, the Colossus, packs the kind of firepower that immediately makes it clear how the name came about - huge blasts and a lot of 'em. The siege cannon, as his ultimate is called, lets players take several shots, which will come in handy in choke points or boss fights.

Quite possibly the most spectacular ultimate of the bunch belongs to Anthem's Storm javelin, as he "calls down a torrent of energy to decimate a targeted area". It starts off with blasts of frost, electricity and fire, before the final meteor blast concludes the symphony. Choke points? Why we'd love to.

Last but not the least Anthem's javelin is the Interceptor. Quick and light on its feet, the Interceptor's ultimate helps it deal immense amounts of damage, thanks to his dual assassin's blades. Should it hit its target, the unfortunate recipient will be hit repeatedly for 10 seconds, so high-risk high-reward we guess.

Bioware recently announced that Anthem has officially entered the , which means everything is in and every bit of it is functioning as intended. This leaves BioWare around four months to polish everything to perfection, which should be plenty of time, even more so after having seen the footage released thus far. 

EA The ultimate ability of the Storm javelin from Anthem Anthem, Storm's ultimate

BioWare and EA insist that Anthem will have a rich backstory, with a living breathing world evolving as players progress. Unfortunately, until we know more, you might as well indulge in some fresh javelin gameplay from the .

You can check out the rest of EA's gifs .


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