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EA confident of BioWare, their blips were due to "innovation and creativity"

Published: 14:05, 03 February 2021
Dragon Age artwork showing a black dragon
Dragon Age artwork

In their quarterly conference call for investors, Electronic Arts again touched on the subject of BioWare, but we're not sure everyone shares their opinion on what happened with the studio.

No matter how optimistic one decides to be, BioWare's trajectory in the past years can't be described as anything other than a downward spiral. After a number of high-profile departures, the studio that gave us Dragon Age and Mass Effect has been unable to find their form. 

Investors are clearly well aware of this, as this is not the first time EA's head honchos have been asked about the studio. Nevertheless, Wilson defended BioWare and chalked off their blips to creative and innovative endeavours. 

"[BioWare] is an incredible studio filled with incredible people who do incredible work. I think that from the outside world, there have been some blips in their delivery in the last couple of years, but that’s the result of them pushing deeply into innovation and creativity", he said. 

Wilson claims he isn't concerned with the departures of Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, insisting that this is not uncommon in creative businesses. 

EA is apparently “very, very confident” about BioWare's future roadmap, which you probably know features Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. In fact, Wilson even mentioned that the latter has received an extraordinary response by the fans. 

EA Anthem: Icetide mech called Colossus Anthem: Icetide, the Colossus

EA will get to see for themselves whether their trust was well placed when Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches on May 14, 2021. Which sounds like a good warmup for Dragon Age 4, and we wouldn't be surprised if the fate of the studio hinged on how well they pull it off. 

The Next Dragon Age by Bioware and EA

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Bioware, The Next Dragon Age location

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