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Mark Darrah confirms Bioware is working on a new Dragon Age game

Published: 11:39, 25 January 2018
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Mark Darrah, the executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise and Anthem, tweeted that both games are currently in development. The latter will be given a head start, said Darrah. We stil don't know if Anthem will sport EA's new microtransaction patent.


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The tweet confirmed that Anthem is a priority and that its already far along in its development process. However, the fact that there are "people hard at work on both franchises" leads me to believe that Bioware is weaving a security web just in case Anthem bombs as hard as Mass Effect: Andromeda did in 2017. Or harder.

Still, Darrah's tweet can't be classified as an "official announcement", but it's a sign that a new Dragon Age game is in the pipeline. All we had up until this point were rumours fuelled by Alexis Kennedy's attachment to a game related to the Dragon Age franchise.

At least we now know that we will start getting some more Dragon Age news after Anthem launches. Before he left Bioware, the company's general manager Aaryn Flynn said that Anthem will be "nothing like Mass Effect in terms of setting and genre". This was in June 2017 and Mr Flynn left Bioware one month after the interview.

BioWare Animated Anthem character looking away in disaprooval. Anthem - EA? Not again ...

In other news: earlier in January, EA filed a suspicious for a matchmaking algorithm which "dramatically increases the odds for players to purchase microtransaction items". The patent would closely monitor stats such as skill, play time and spending. It would then use these, and any other information they can dream up and use it to match you with a player who owns an item you might like, but uses it with more skill.

Technical Design Director Brenon Holmes said: "I'm not sure where this is really coming from... we're not doing any of that though." We'll know soon enough.

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