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Bioware and EA announce Anthem's closed alpha for next week

Published: 09:04, 30 November 2018
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Bioware and EA have announced that their co-op shooter Anthem is heading for closed alpha for next week and if you're keen on taking it out for a test drive, you can register and hope for the best once 08 December 2018 rolls around.

Anthem's closed alpha will be held on 08 and 09 December and its purpose is twofold - players get a chance to play and break it, while Bioware get to sit and wait until something goes wrong so they can fix it.

Just kidding of course, but that's pretty much what's going to happen since it's time Bioware did some stress testing. They said they will be tweaking Anthem's matchmaking and server load on the fly so don't expect it all to be smooth sailing either.

Bioware explained that Anthem's community tests of this kind are "more limited than what [they] want to share in the pre-launch demos". Which is also why the company opted to make this round of testing closed. 

Apparently, there will be more sessions in those two days and you could technically participate "in one or in all of them". You are however limited to a single device with which to enter testing, i.e. PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Players who don't make the list for Anthem's closed alpha will be put on a waiting list so that they hopefully make it one of the next ones. Bioware did point out that they're not giving any guarantees so first come, first served we guess. 

Anthem's executive producer Mark Darrah has recently been talking to fans via Twitter, where he confirmed that the game will not come with cross-play out of the box. He specifically used "not at launch", which would suggest that we'll see cross-play at some point.

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On the other hand, Anthem has only recently entered and with its launch scheduled for 22 February 2019, there's still ample time before we get to ponder cross-play.

You can find EA and Bioware's official announcement here. You can register for Anthem's closed alpha .

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