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DualSense Edge controller will have less battery life

Published: 10:52, 22 December 2022
New DualSense Edge will have shorter battery life
New DualSense Edge will have shorter battery life

The new DualSense Edge will improve on the previous DualSense in many ways, but at the cost of battery life.

The DualSense Edge controller for PlayStation 5 is sure to be popular, but the battery life appears to be shorter than that of the original DualSense. Will this be an issue for the players who plan to buy the new gamepad from Sony ? We will see on January 26, 2023, when they plan to release their new controller. 

In a new report from The Verge , Sony explains that the battery life on the DualSense Edge is "moderately shorter." This change is due to the addition of many new functions that the original controller lacked, all while the controller remained functionally unchanged. In order to solve the problem of short battery life, Sony advises DualSense Edge users to use the two-meter-long cable that came with the new controller while playing to reduce battery drainage. 

DualSense Edge product manager Tomomasa Mizuno said that Sony set out in late 2018 to build a “high-performance” premium controller, holding over 100 research sessions with pro gamers to figure out the biggest pain points. He also stated that they set a goal of creating an uncompromised gamepad in the same form factor as the great DualSense controller that came with the PlayStation 5.

It appears that Sony will not solve one of the most serious issues with all PlayStation gamepads until today, the infamous "joystick drift," the phenomenon where the normal wear and tear on potentiometer-based joysticks can make them wear out over time and give false readings. 

DualSense Edge uses the same potentiometer-based joysticks, too. Although the replacement process for "drifted" thumbsticks will be much easier this time as Sony made them completely modular, you can swap them in under a minute without tools, and you’ll be able to buy those modules for $20 in the official PS store.

PlayStation.Blog Thumbsticks on DualSense Edge will be easily replaceable Thumbsticks on DualSense Edge will be easily replaceable

It remains to be seen if these "new features" will be enough for the players to migrate from the already great DualSense to DualSense Edge for the price of $200.


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