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DICE EA think Battlefield's scoreboard and voice chat are legacy features

Published: 14:25, 26 November 2021
Updated: 14:33, 26 November 2021
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Battlefield 2042

While Battlefield 2042 players are desperate for voice chat and scoreboards to return, DICE EA consider these legacy features.

Battlefield franchise always had scoreboards that included information such as the number of kills, deaths and assists that players made during the match.

However, in Battlefield 2042, DICE EA took a different approach. They decided to scrap the scoreboard and give players less information about the performance of other players on the field.

So basically, you can't see how many times has someone died or how many kills someone has in the same manner as before.

Those who played previous Battlefield games will remember that holding the TAB button brings up a big scoreboard that shows the majority of players along with their stats for the game, which include kills, assists, deaths and the total score.

Battlefield 2042 vs Battlefield 4 scoreboards

Reddit Battlefield 2042 - Scoreboard Battlefield 2042 - Scoreboard

BeezerMN/YT Battlefield 4 scoreboard Battlefield 4 - Scoreboard

The Battlefield community have been pretty vocal about this, asking DICE to re-introduce the scoreboards as well as voice chat, which are just some of the missing features in Battlefield 2042.

DICE replied via the recent blog post , where they stated that the desire for "legacy features" such as scoreboard and voice chat is being evaluated.

Interestingly, DICE and EA seem to think these, crucial features for some players, are legacy features, suggesting that the studio never had any intention of implementing them to the game, which is quite odd, to say the least. 

We think the old scoreboard is much simpler, easy to understand and practical than the new system, which is a bit messy to be honest. 

Also, here's a cool concept for Battlefield 2042's scoreboard in the style of old scoreboards, courtesy of Redditor Guino:

Reddit Battlefield 2042 scoreboard concept art Battlefield 2042 scoreboard concept art

As for the voice chat, yes, we understand that Discord is taking over now and that many players use it for communication but despite this, we can't really think of a shooter that does not have an in-game voice chat feature. Halo Infinite has it, Call of Duty too, and these are, arguably, Battlefield 2042's two biggest rivals on the market.

Hopefully, in future updates, DICE will re-introduce these much-requested features to Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042

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