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Destruction AllStars and Control head the February 2021 PS Plus list

Published: 18:54, 27 January 2021
Destruction AllStars promo image
Destruction AllStars promo image

PS Plus subscribers are in for a great set of games that will come with their subscription but the Control version is sure to upset those on Team Xbox.

PS Plus game list for February 2021 includes Destruction AllStars, Control Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie. 

Destruction AllStars was already known to be available with the subscription from day one as it was one of the selling points for the title. That said, it shouldn't be overlooked since this vehicular combat game is much deeper than just ramming other cars in the arena. 

When your car is wrecked, the hero will continue on foot where they are able to display agility and takeover or even destroy other vehicles. The game is not out until February 2, 2021, but keep in mind that while PS Plus will get you the title at no extra cost, singleplayer campaigns will need to be purchased separately.

Control Ultimate Edition is the version of the game that is well-known for being both a title that scarcely anyone can find negative sentiments about and for the negativity that 505 Games' policies regarding next-gen caused. PS Plus subscribers will be able to get out of paying extra for the next-upgrade of the game but if you recently purchased any version of Control, you are probably feeling cheated out of your money right now. 

Concrete Genie is all about creativity and making the bleak streets prettier by cleaning them up and decorating with your magic paintbrush. While not as high profile as the other two titles, Concrete Genie is bound to grip your heart and play with emotions. 

Destruction AllStars is an exception to the one month rule of PS Plus availability as the subscribers can pick it up until April 5, 2021, while the other two games will be available until March 1.

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