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Destiny 2 Xur location & items, week of 25 October 2019

Published: 20:18, 25 October 2019
Destiny: Xur

Captain Tentacleface is back for another round of Exotic goodness. He offers an auto rifle, gloves for Hunters and Titans and a pair of boots Warlocks will go crazy over.

Xur's location this week is back at The Tower's hangar. For those not familiar with it, or the location of the Dead Orbit vendor, here are a few easy steps to find the Exotic Santa:

  1. Go to The Tower, Courtyard spawn point
  2. Open the map and click on Amanda Holliday to set the waypoint
  3. Go to Holliday and turn left
  4. Go straight until you reach the aircraft landing pad, with a catwalk on your left side, pictured below
  5. Xur is in the red circle on the picture, just walk up the stairs

His inventory this week includes an Exotic auto rifle, named Suros Regime. One of the most notable things about it are the two traits it has, since Exotics usually don't have more than one. Furthermore, it has a semi-selectable fire rate through Spinning Up and Dual Speed Receiver choice.

The first one gives each third of Suros Regime's magazine a different fire rate - first 12 bullets are fired at 600 RPM, second 12 bullets at 720 RPM and the last 12 at 900 RPM.

Dual Speed Receiver, on the other hand, splits the magazine in two fire rate modes. The first half shoots at the regular 600 RPM while the second half slows down to 360 RPM but increases the weapon's damage. Overall, it is an interesting auto rifle with plenty of experimentation potential.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Xur location in The Tower hangar Xur's location in The Tower hangar

The armour pieces Xur offers this time around are:

  • gloves, that enhance melee range and damage for punch-happy Titans
  • gloves, for Hunters that would like to counterattack the punch-happy Titans
  • boots, for Warlocks that like channelling their inner Palpatine

Seriously, if you are a new player that rolled a Warlock, go and get those boots, you will not regret it. Here is of what they can do.

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