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Destiny 2 Xur location and items, 6 December 2019

Published: 18:15, 06 December 2019
Destiny 2 - Xur
Destiny 2 - Xur

Xur has spawned in a new location again this week. The hooded merchant is offering a sword, some rift-happy boots, a Hunter helmet that used to be the bane of PvP and not-so-popular Titan Gauntlets.

Destiny 2's resident Santa is back with new items and on a new location. Are we sure it's the same guy every week?

Xur is on the Rig on Titan. To get to the goodie guy just spawn on The Rig, turn left and go through Bay 3. When you get through it, Xur is just around the left corner through the door. You can use the image below for reference, the screenshot was taken immediately after exiting Bay 3.

Exotic items of the week

Black Talon - this exotic sword has a nifty little bonus to it. The item's heavy attack fires off a projectile that can be weaved into a combo. Just like other heavy attacks, it costs more ammo but the projectiles track targets so it's possible to bend them around corners. Kills will then refund some ammo thanks to Tireless Blade.

Lunafaction Boots - an exotic piece of Warlock armour. This week's items really don't let their wielders or wearers reload on their own. If you open up a rift while wearing these bad boys, your rifts will automatically reload all your allies' weapons as they enter the circle. You can repeatedly leave and re-enter to avoid reloading. Kill bonus: an increase in the drop rate of Primary ammo.

Wormhusk Crown - this exotic Hunter helmet is also an Exotic Engram drop. Worming your way out of an incoming attack (could have said "dodging" but where's the fun in that) will grant you a small health and shield bump. The Crown will also increase the drop rate of Special ammo on kill. Paired with Arc Battery, this used to be more annoying than One-Eyed Mask but has since been nerfed. Furthermore, the mod will no longer be available when Season of Dawn kicks off.

Bungie Xur's location 6 December 2019 Xur's location - 6 December 2019

Stronghold - Guarding with these babies equipped will boost your movement speed and will not consume your ammo. Shots you manage to block after guarding will somewhat replenish your health bar. If you find that your melee cooldowns are too high, doing some damage with a grenade will bring those numbers down a bit. The drop rate of Special ammo also goes up when you earn a kill. While this Exotic isn't bad, it can never find its place in PvP due to OEM.
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