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Destiny 2: Xur location and items, 20 March 2020

Published: 17:46, 20 March 2020
Picture of the shady NPC Xur from Destiny 2
Destiny 2 - Xur

Xur is back and Destiny 2 players can grab themselves up to five new Exotics once again. The weapon on offering this week can be useful in some situations while all the armour pieces are more useful in PvP than PvE.

Xur has landed on Io this week, in Giant's Scar. Upon reaching the aforementioned waypoint, go through the big yellow building and then follow the path to the left. Keep at it until you are near the regional chest that is shown on the map and then turn left to see the cave where it's located. Xur is next to the chest.

The Queenbreaker is the weapon that is available to the players this week. It's a linear fusion rifle that can be useful in chaotic PvP like Rumble or even Control when equipped with Combat Sights while Gambit or PvE activities are better off with Marksman Sights due to higher damage and better accuracy over a longer distance. It seems to be built to be a forgiving weapon since it will blind enemies that you don't outright kill.

Oathkeeper are the Exotic gloves that the Hunters get this week. They allow a bow to be held at max charge indefinitely, making this peace of gear pair really well with Wish Ender since you can have a wallhack all the time with the duo. Holding a bow charged in PvE doesn't make much sense due to targets being easy to hit and emphasis on dishing out as much damage as possible so it's best to keep these gloves in a PvP loadout.

Mk. 44 Stand Asides are the boots Titans get this time around. If you play this class to sprint and punch people in the face, these boots are for you since they will provide an overshield while sprinting with Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike or Shield Bash equipped. Upon using one of these melee abilities successfully, some of the melee energy will be refunded.

Destiny 2 - The Dawning

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Destiny 2 - The Dawning

Ophidian Aspect are sweet gloves for the Warlocks who like playing with guns in Crucible. If you are not too keen on spamming abilities, these gloves are some of the best Exotics to have since they will help both the ready and reload speed of your guns. Furthermore, they extend your melee range so it's possible to shoot and melee a crayon muncher before he should charges you.

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