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Destiny 2 weekly activity reset, 6 November 2019

Published: 15:03, 07 November 2019
Destiny 2 - Iron Banner cuts the grind even shorter
Destiny 2 - Iron Banner cuts the grind even shorter

Destiny 2 activities have shifted, the challenges are back and The Iron Banner is there to get some juicy Pinnacle Engrams.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Ordeal for the week of 6 November 2019 is Strange Terrain. Considering Guardians will be after Nokris here, it's only appropriate his is one of the modifiers. Here is the full list:

  • Nokris' Refrain
  • Champions: Unstoppable, Barrier and Mob (increased Champion number)
  • Fire Pit
  • Match Game
  • Togetherness

Available Nightfalls:

  • Tree of Probabilities
  • Will of the Thousands
  • The Broodhold

Heroic Strikes feature Arc Burn this time around and Dreaming City has Weak Curse.

Menagerie's Heroic Boss for the week is Arunak, Beloved by Calus. Extinguish, Famine and Grenadier are the modifiers.

Reckoning features Likeness of Oryx with Spare Rations, Outlast, Gnawing Hunger, Bug Out Bag and Doomsday as the drops. Spare Rations is highly sought after so keep an eye out.

Raid Challenges:

  • Crown of Sorrows - Total Victory
  • Scourge of the Past - All for one, one for all
  • Last Wish - Summoning Ritual
  • The Leviathan - Gardens

Bungie Destiny 2 - Iron Banner Armour unique to Season 8 Don't miss out on Iron Banner sets

Flashpoint this week is Titan, so make sure you visit the rig and grab the gear for completing pretty much any activity there. 

Despite Iron Banner starting off this week, the Momentum Control proved popular enough that players demanded more. It is unclear if that's the reason why Bungie let it stay in the same week as Iron Banner but it's there nonetheless. 4v4 Countdown is also available.

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