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Destiny 2: Trials rewards will need to be earned again

Published: 16:49, 21 March 2020
Destiny 2 - Saint-14
Destiny 2 - Saint-14

Trials of Osiris have kicked in but not on a high note. It appears that Bungie did an oopsie that resulted in Guardians who went Flawless previously having to re-grind their progress in order to get some of the associated rewards.

Destiny 2's PvP community finally received something new they can look forward to when the Trials of Osiris released. However, their celebration was cut short when they discovered that the tickets with Flawless runs punched in were actually worthless. Well, not entirely.

Namely, the associated rewards for third, fifth and seventh win were bugged and Bungie admitted as much in a Tweet . Following the outrage the players displayed upon hearing that their time was sunk for nothing, Bungie tweeted again stating that the weekly challenges will unlock at 5:00 PM PDT / 12:00 AM (midnight) GMT on Saturdays.

These times are anything but ideal for the European players and Bungie noted they will change them in the future. The reset will be moved to the Friday reset time. Meanwhile, the Trials rewards will start appearing but those who earned them before that time will have to play through Trials again to earn them.

One of the most desired Trials rewards is the Astral Horizon shotgun which seems to be the most powerful one in the game. Some people have already acquired it with the perfect roll combo, consisting of Quickdraw and Opening Shot and many others are expected to be brandishing this weapon soon.

In the video above, Drewsky explains that Astral Horizon can instantly kill people in Crucible from up to nine meters of distance. Eight meters yields more consistent results but it still has a massive range for a CQ weapon with one-shot potential. 

Furthermore, this is the first time Quickdraw and Opening Shot found their way on any shotgun, making it unique among its peers.

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