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Destiny 2 will have only one Gambit game mode in the future

Published: 08:51, 14 August 2019
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Bungie recently released Director's Cut - Part 1 blog post that details the future plans they have for Destiny 2. This includes axing one of the two Gambit modes, buffing the scout rifles and nerfing ammo economy circumvention tactics.

Bungie certainly spared no words in the communication with the fans via the lengthy Director's Cut blog post. While chunky itself, it is only part one and here are some highlights before part two lands.

Gambit, the PvPvE mode currently has two iterations - the regular one and Gambit Prime. The developers expressed their opinion on the two modes, stating that Gambit Prime is their favourite due to shorter match times and lower invading frequency.

On the other hand, the devs liked the roles but expressed their dissatisfaction with the need for full sets in order to fit the playstyle. In other words, while their favourite, Gambit Prime has both positives and negatives, just like the old Gambit. 

As for which one of them will get the boot, Bungie didn't specify just yet. The choice will probably lay in the hands of players who will indirectly vote with their engagement in each activity, but one thing is certain - devs will go full on Gambit in the future.

The chunky post took notice of some other problems Destiny 2 faces as well. For example, Scout Rifles are currently not in a good spot and the balancing team is looking to buff them across the board once Shadowkeep lands. This is both good and bad news since the weapons will actually get buffed but players will have to wait until at least 1 October 2019 for the changes to happen.

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Bungie also announced nerfs to mechanics that circumvent ammo economy which means we will see more emphasis on attrition in the future. They didn't elaborate on this particular nerf just yet but announced more details for the part two of Director's Cut.

You can check the existing on the official website.

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