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Destiny 2 class changes for Shadowkeep have been revealed

Published: 09:41, 03 September 2019
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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will introduce major changes that will shake up the Crucible and refresh it apparently. Because nothing spells out refreshment like a headshot from a 90 RPM that instantly wipes the floor with Dawnblades or Strikers.

Destiny 2 is getting a pile of new content with Shadowkeep but those who frequent Crucible have not been forgotten by Bungie. The developers have shared a list of upcoming changes to the popular PvP activity during PAX West and it was further relayed by the community.

One such community member is the streamer tripleWreck, who offered of the most important upcoming changes. Hunter players will be relieved to hear that the Nightstalker subclass' Shadowshot will be put into overdrive once Shadowkeep releases - the tether will one-shot enemies once again.

On the topic of one-shotting enemies, the roaming supers' armour will be reduced. Striker Titans and Dawnblade Warlocks will become a bit more vulnerable since 90 RPM sniper rifles will be able to pop them in one headshot. Getting wrecked just as you use a super is definitely depressing but it will help justify slow fire rate and let the skilful headshots feel more meaningful.

Dawnblades will no longer be able to instantly outrun Usain Bolt when activating their Super Ability. Instead of granting the speed buff immediately, it will build up over time and reach the same top speed as before with some delay. 

Players seem to be generally happy with the changes since many considered roaming supers to be no-brainers - just pop it and go. Bad positioning can now result in said abilities being rendered worthless by a well-placed sniper shot.

Bungie A preview of a new weapon in Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion

As for the Shadowshot tether, Nightstalkers are ecstatic that they will finally get to relive its glory days from the first Destiny. It was buffed in later stages of the game's life cycle, briefly enjoyed and then reverted when Destiny 2 came out.

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Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
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