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Destiny 2 Izanagi's Burden quest bugs are finally fixed

Published: 10:39, 08 November 2019
Destiny 2 - Izanagi's Burden
Destiny 2 - Izanagi's Burden

Bungie deployed the hotly anticipated hotfix in Destiny 2 that increased the Pinnacle reward boost to Power. One interesting note in the hotfix is that the Black Armory quest for Izanagi's Burden has also been fixed.

Izanagi's Burden is highly sought after in Destiny 2 as this Exotic sniper rifle allows players to hold the reload button to load up to four bullets into a single supercharged round. While doing that is not ideal in PvP, it did allow for one-shot kills to the body. On the other hand, this ability is extremely useful in PvE where Special Ammo is not so scarce.

There was one huge catch though - the quest to get Izanagi's Burden was bugged and many players hit a wall while attempting to get the fabled sniper rifle. Bungie deployed a hotfix on Thursday, 7 November 2019, that fixed the bugged quest step. Forge Keys should now properly count towards Mysterious Box progression.

Those who were previously stuck at this quest step should find the objective marked properly upon their next login. On the other hand, players affected by the bug relating to the Obsidian Crystal will need to reacquire the Black Armory Rare bounty and then complete it in order to progress further.

Overall, it's a good day for Exotic hunters. If players are just looking to farm up their Power instead, they should start turning Iron Banner bounties in as the same changed the way Pinnacle rewards work. They now offer +2 instead of +1 Power, which should make maxing gear at 950 much easier.

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