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Destiny 2 - Iron Banner brings a weapon pursuit this time

Published: 19:47, 20 March 2020
Destiny 2 - Point of the Stag
Destiny 2 - Point of the Stag

Lord Saladin is coming back for another round of Iron Banner in Destiny 2. This time around, he will have a pursuit that will let players acquire Point of the Stag bow.

Lord Shaxx is taking a vacation with the new round of Iron Banner coming on 24 March 2020. Saladin is temporarily replacing him and this time around it's not just the regular rewards that are hiding behind the PvP event.

Smelting Light quest will be available to all Guardians and completing it will yield the Point of the Stag bow. It is not an Exotic but it's still worth getting as the traits make it a rather useful weapon.

Point of the Stag is a bow with Precision Frame, meaning it will have a longer draw but higher damage. Normally, this could be an issue in chaotic PvP modes where an enemy can pop up from every corner at any given time but Elastic String is there to make it more snappy.

Furthermore, there is Archer's Tempo to reduce the draw time even more, provided you keep landing precision hits. If it comes with Vorpal Weapon, it also becomes a proper boss killer or a Super shutdown tool.

It initially starts with 684 draw time, meaning it's optimised for medium to long-range engagements in PvP and you are much better off with a different weapon in close quarters. Still, it should provide you with many wonderful headshots so make sure you don't miss out on the weapon when you boot up Destiny 2 the next time around.

Destiny 2 - The Dawning

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Destiny 2 - The Dawning

If you are not usually a PvP player, don't fret if you keep losing Iron Banner matches initially. It will take time to get used to the rules, especially because the mode is crafted to let the winning team snowball. 

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