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Destiny 2 gets a charity event with in-game rewards

Published: 00:25, 23 October 2019
Updated: 00:31, 23 October 2019
Destiny 2 - Game2Give charity promo
Destiny 2 - Game2Give charity promo

Bungie are hosting Game2Give charity event in Destiny 2 with rewards for participants, based on the amount of money received through. All proceeds go to the charity.

Game2Give is the first Destiny 2 event of its kind. It is meant to support Bungie in providing iPads for Kids Program and Children's Miracle network, both of which benefit the ill children. The event will kick off on 24 October and wrap up on 10 November 2019.

Destiny 2 community members can for a livestream of their own, between the start and finish dates of Game2Give event. There are several the streamers will be able to acquire, based on the amount of money generated through donations and their placement on the donation ladder.

Furthermore, Bungie themselves will kick off a 24-hour Festival of the Lost streaming marathon, featuring some of the most popular Destiny 2 content creators. It will morph into a stream with the devs at some point.

The rewards tied to the event are not reserved for streamers only though. Players can donate various amounts of money to the supported streams. There are three :

  • $10 donation will net players a unique Emblem
  • $50 donation gets them the unique Gilded Ghost Shell, shown below
  • $100 donation gets both of the previous rewards and entry to Bungie Prize Pool with a random item to be won

Bungie Destiny 2 - Fancy Ghost shell for charity Destiny 2 - Fancy Ghost shell for charity

All the donations will go to charity, with no money being reserved for Bungie or any of the participating streamers. A good deed may not be a bad way to net some in-game goodies as well.

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