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Destiny 2 flaunts new Witch Queen weapons in a new trailer

Published: 01:50, 02 February 2022
Destiny 2 - Warlock with a Glaive
Destiny 2 - Warlock with a Glaive

Destiny 2 is close to launching The Witch Queen expansion and Bungie released another trailer, showcasing what kind of boomsticks we can look forward to.

Destiny 2 is all about getting new toys of destruction and experimenting with them. This is exactly what Bungie seems to be leaning into with The Witch Queen expansion as the devs released a new trailer that showcases new weapons as well as associated features that are coming with the expansion.

The trailer briefly touches upon the crafting system that was previously announced, letting the players know they will be able to manually choose perks and masterwork stats in the future.

However, the highlights for everyone will be the new weapons and armour shown in the trailer. Here is a full list of everything that was announced in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Weapons and Gear trailer:

  • Armour
    • Hoarfrost-Z (Titan chest piece) - Converts the Barricade into a Stasis wall
    • Osmiomancy Gloves (Warlock) - Additional Coldsnap grenade, improved tracking
    • Blight Ranger Helmet (Hunter) - Projectiles reflected by the Arc Staff deal increased damage
  • Weapons
    • Grand Overture - a missile launcher that charges and then fires full auto
    • Parasite - An odd weapon that launches worms and ramps up the damage
    • Osteo Striga - An SMG that fires projectiles that trigger toxic bursts
    • Edge of Action (Titan Glaive) - Able to project a shield
    • Edge of Intent (Warlock Glaive) - Spawns healing turrets
    • Edge of Concurrence (Hunter Glaive) - Spawns tracking chain lightning

It's highly unlikely this is all that the expansion has to offer in the way of new items, especially when you factor in the Legendaries. We will know exactly what we're still missing on February 22, 2022.

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