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Destiny 2 : Dead Man's Tale catalyst and master activity now available

Published: 19:03, 23 February 2021
Destiny 2 - Dead Man's Tale
Destiny 2 - Dead Man's Tale

Bungie released the Master version of the quest where you get Dead Man's Tale which will let you acquire more randomised rolls and the catalyst for the weapon.

Dead Man's Tale proved itself as a pretty good weapon already but it should become even better now that the catalyst is available. If you are not in the loop, the catalyst will increase the rate of fire and accuracy during hip fire, meaning it should be somewhat similar to The Last Word in that aspect but the exact test results will probably arrive in the following days.

Considering the scout rifle has a significantly higher range than The Last Word, it's unlikely it will be as useful in close quarters but the catalyst will definitely prove to be a lifesaver when you run out of shotgun ammo and someone is closing in on you.

The activity itself has received the Master version so it will be much harder to complete than before but a coordinated fireteam shouldn't have issues with clearing it out.

Furthermore, Bungie released a trailer for this version of Presage, which could be somewhat confusing for the viewers since the quest and the weapon have been available for weeks now. While the message was low-key, the trailer is certainly meant to notify players that they can improve their already formidable weapon.

Tex Mechanica weapons are beloved by Hunters in the lore but in reality, Guardians love these regardless of their class. As such, it shouldn't be hard to find a group to tackle Master Presage but if you are struggling to find a team, check out Destiny 2 Discord where people are always forming up for various activities, including the likes of Harbinger and Presage.

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