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Destiny 2 - Crimson Days event confirmed

Published: 20:08, 09 January 2018
Updated: 20:43, 09 January 2018
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Destiny 2

Dataminers have found evidence that Bungie has been planning to bring the Crimson Days event back in Destny 2. Their findings have been shared via Reddit, and went on to be confirmed by a Bungie employee. More official news will be available when Bungie post about their plans on Thursday.

Destiny's Crimson Days is making a comeback in Destiny 2. Dataminers have dug something up in the the package files of the game's PC client. This was all speculation until Bungie community manager Cozmo confirmed it in a comment:

"The rumors are True. Crimson Days is coming back. It won't be the same as last year time (2016). We will talk about how it is changing in the blog update on Thursday."

Bungie Destiny 2 - Crimson Day items Destiny 2 - Crimson Day items

The "last year time" Cozmo is talking about here is the Crimson Days event from the original game. The event was almost universally hated. Bungie probably thought that Destiny 2 offered a chance at a fresh start for the Crimson Days, but this one is off to a rocky start. Some people just don't want to fork over their hard earned cash, not even for a heat shaped loot box with special prizes inside. Go figure.

All scripts and icons that were datamined had been in the game's files before the Dawning event went down, so Bungie was probably planning to pull the same stunt twice, had they gotten away with it the first time around. They may have learned a lesson and are now changing some stuff around, but let's be realistic and just go through what the dataminers managed to squeeze out.

Bungie An armored guy holding a fiery hammer. Destiny 2

The original posters - Ginsor and Elevasce dug out some new voicelines that are to be spoken by Lord Shaxx. The lines suggest that Crimson Doubles will be available once again. The rest of the text indicates the possibility of a gift-based quest line. Tess Everis will have at least one Crimson Days Engram to give to each Guardian. 

The original  has already been confirmed by a Bungie employee, and we'll have more information when they update on Thursday. But there isn't really anything to look forward to there, unless Bungie surprise us all and make all the items grindable only. It reeks of hype-stunt in a grandiose way, the Activision way.

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