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You can play Death Stranding in first person, says Hideo Kojima

Published: 11:02, 27 August 2019
death stranding screenshot showing a man wearing a golden mask and black robe
Death Stranding

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima has confirmed via Twitter that players will be able to experience the upcoming title from the first-person perspective. However, Kojima quickly made it clear that the game is not a first-person shooter.

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is only a few months away from the official release date and we're yet to find out what the game is all about and how exactly will it play. Of course, Kojima revealed a ton of details about the game and we also got a couple of gameplay videos but all of this just raised more questions about Death Stranding than answers.

In his latest tweets, Hideo Kojima did not offer new and confusing details, quite the contrary, he was pretty clear. Kojima said that players often ask him about the first-person perspective in Death Stranding, so he wanted to offer some explanation if his upcoming title can be played in several views.

"Since I get this question a lot, Death Stranding is different from stealth game. You can enjoy the first-person view but [it's] not a first-person shooter game," Kojima wrote.

As you can see, Kojima also made it clear that Death Stranding is certainly not a shooter nor a stealth game. He once again explained that he created a new name for Death Stranding genre. 

"It's a brand new game genre that adopted the concept of strand that we call Action Game, Strand Game (Social Strand System)" Kojima said.

One of the reasons why Kojima likes to call Death Stranding a social strand system could be due to the game's online multiplayer, that will apparently connect players all over the world, who will have to work together for a common goal and rebuild society.

Sony death stranding screenshot showing hearman character Death Stranding - Heartman

Death Stranding is officially hitting the shelves on 08 November 2019 for PlayStation 4. There are some rumours about the PC version floating around but nothing is confirmed at the moment.

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Death Stranding

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