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Dead Cells creator announces 2D firefighting game Nuclear Blaze

Published: 16:43, 06 October 2021
Updated: 16:47, 06 October 2021
Deepnight Games
Nuclear Blaze
Nuclear Blaze

Sébastien Benard, the Lead Designer behind Dead Cells has announced his brand new project called Nuclear Blaze, which is a 2D firefighting game.

Dead Cells creator Sébastien Benard is releasing his brand new game later this month on Steam. It's a 2D platformer called Nuclear Blaze and according to the press release, it's a game "where the burning flames of youth can only be quenched by the dreams of the future."

Players will have to clear their way through a mysteriously military complex, try to keep the flames under control with your trusty fire hose and search for survivors. Benard promises smooth signature controls and gameplay that we know from Dead Cells and many other features such as a dedicated "Kid mode" which adjusts gameplay, level design and settings for children aged 3+. 

Below, you can check out the reveal trailer with some gameplay and the official description of the game. 

Nuclear Blaze - The official reveal trailer and description

"As a trained firefighter, after being air-dropped right into a hell blaze of an unknown origin, it's your job to investigate a mysterious military facility and hunt for survivors. Although, something tells us that you might not be quite so welcome here."

Nuclear Blaze will be launching for PC via Steam on October 18, 2021. You can wishlist the game on Valve's platform now.

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