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DayZ has sold 4 million units, full release coming this year

Published: 14:13, 19 November 2018

Open-world survival game DayZ has sold more than 4 million units Bohemia Interactive have announced. The huge landmark was reached one week after the PC beta release on Steam. Xbox Game Preview version update coming 22 November 2018.

DayZ is finally getting closer to a full release after a PC beta earlier this week. The beta update attracted new sales which helped DayZ numbers to more than 4 million sold units. Bohemia Interactive lead producer, Eugen Harton said this is a huge milestone for the studio, but more important is the existing community that is steadily coming back into the game after a long break.

The daily average user numbers haveabout  doubled since the release of the PC beta, which are encouraging stats given the state of the game in last two years. "We've more than doubled our daily active players count after the PC BETA, and that's with a game that still needs a lot of polishing and bug fixes," Harton said.

Bohemia Interactive confirmed they are working hard on bug fixing, optimisation and balancing. They're looking to improve as many things as possible before the full release, which will happen by the end of the year. 

The beta update featured major engine changes, improvements to game and network performance, introduced base building, improved vehicles and map changes. These features are also coming to Xbox One on 22 November 2018 along with many other fixes for issues reported by the players.

The Xbox One update doesn't mark the start of beta on Microsoft's console though. Players will have to wait a bit more for it as Bohemia Interactive is looking to shift their focus from introducing new content to collecting players feedback, which will be the last step before entering the beta.

Bohemia DayZ Standalone: Map reading DayZ Standalone: Map reading

Bohemia Interactive also shed some light on the PlayStation 4 version, which is currently in development. The developer hopes to release the game in 2019, but no specific dates have been mentioned.

It's also been confirmed that DayZ's price will not increase with the beta release as previously announced. But the price is likely to change once the game leaves early access later this year.

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