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Here is the first look at DayZ's brand new map Livonia

Published: 11:38, 25 September 2019
Bohemia Interactive
dayz screenshot showing a character  fighting against bear
DayZ's new map is full of thick forests and bears

Bohemia Interactive have shared the first look at DayZ's new map. Named Livonia, the new map is packed with thick forests, lakes and rivers and wild animals.

Bohemia Interactive's survival shooter DayZ released almost five years ago, and since then, the game received a ton of new content but Chernarus remained the only available map to survivors. Of course, you can download some mods that will allow you to play on different locations but these are unofficial additions and the new map will be the first official location to arrive in post-launch updates.

Named Livonia, the map is 163km² and it's packed with thick forests, lakes and rivers scattered across the land. It also brings a lot of bears and wild animals and locations to scavenge for resources and build your base.

Livonia is based on the Arma 3 Contact Expansion's map but obviously, it's moving from aliens to zombies. The developers also promise that the map will feature "a lush of late summer with frequent rainfall and thunderstorms" so make sure to be properly geared and on the look out for shelter once the thunderstorms start to roar the skies.

Bohemia Interactive also shared a small trailer, showcasing some of the locations of the new map. To be honest it's very similar to Chernarus and some players are pointing out in the comment section that the map is  "like Chernarus without the yellow trees". 

Others are suggesting that the devs should focus on some issues that are currently preventing players from enjoying the game instead of adding new DLC. Whether Bohemia Interactive introduce some improvements and fixes for these issues it remains to be seen but it looks like the focus is on the new map at the moment.

As for the release date, we don't have an official confirmation but it was mentioned during last night's Inside Xbox that the map should arrive on 13 November 2019. The map may or may not release on all platforms on the same day so don't plan a day off before the official announcement.

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