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Alleged screenshots of cancelled DayZ 2 game surface online

Published: 16:49, 01 December 2020
Alleged DayZ 2 screenshot showing a lake and forest
Alleged DayZ 2 screenshot

Two screenshots from what appears to be a cancelled DayZ sequel have appeared online via Twitter. The user who leaked the images claims that the game used some assets from Vigor since it's set in Norway, just like the online looter shooter.

Today, we have first images of cancelled DayZ 2 project and some details about the game's setting and development. Two alleged screenshots of DayZ sequel have leaked via Twitter, thanks to user Biostiel. You can check both images in the tweets below. 

The leaker who posted these screenshots claims that these are from Bohemia Interactive's engine Enfusion and DayZ 2. Apparently, the game used some assets from Bohemia's other title - Vigor, which is an online looter shooter, released initially in 2018 for Xbox One.

The development of DayZ 2 started in 2019 according to the leaker and the game was set in Norway, just like Vigor, which is why the devs used assets from this title. 

Sadly, the leaker did not share more details about this project. Of course, it's sad that we'll never get to see this game, since survival title of DayZ's scope set in such a gorgeous country would certainly be amazing but let's not lose hope, perhaps, Bohemia Interactive are working on something similar.

As always with leaks and rumours, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt since the developer themselves did not officially confirm these are from their cancelled game. That being said, these indeed look real and it would not surprise us if this is cancelled DayZ 2 title.

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