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DayZ is free on Steam for a limited time

Published: 09:17, 21 May 2020
Bohemia Interactive
dayz screenshot showing a character  fighting against bear
DayZ's new map is full of thick forests and bears

Bohemia Interactive have confirmed a free weekend for their open-world survival title DayZ. The game will be free on Steam from today May 21 until May 25 2020.

Popular survival title DayZ is having a free weekend on PC via Steam, starting today. The free period starts exactly at 7:00 PM CET/ 10:00 AM PST and will run until Monday, May 25 2020. 

Every bit of content that DayZ has to offer will be included during the free period, which means you'll get to play on the new Livonia map. If you decide to purchase the game during the free promo, you will be able to get it at a 40 per cent discount for the base game along with a 20 per cent discount for Livonia DLC.

As for other platforms, on PlayStation 4, DayZ will be part of the PS4 Extended Play Sale, and between May 13 - 27, you will also get the 40 per cent off the base game and 20 per cent off the Livonia DLC. Xbox Gold Members also get the 40 per cent discount between May 19 - 25.

DayZ screenshot showing a man reading a map DayZ

In case you are not familiar with DayZ, the game is set in a vast open-world with minimal resources, which are required for you to survive. Players have to traverse this huge world and search for materials, food and other items that will help them survive the post-apocalyptic zombie setting and encounters with other players. 

DayZ was originally created as Arma 3 mod but due to its popularity, it released as a standalone title.

DayZ - zombie survival madness in an open world of fear

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
DayZ Standalone

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