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DayZ focus shifts from content to fixes in 2020

Published: 19:04, 31 January 2020
Bohemia Interactive
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Bohemia Interactive posted another article on their blog, outlining what their plans are for DayZ in 2020. It appears that the developers will focus more on polishing the existing stuff and less on bringing new content, although bits will still come.

DayZ is often called out for the "eternal Early Access" despite the game finally launching 1.0 version in late 2018 on PC and early 2019 on consoles. Still, even after the full release, the game's bugs persisted which is the reason people still , even in Steam user reviews.

According to Bohemia's latest blog, 2020 might finally be the year where it all stops or at least gets toned down. One of the reasons why the team decided to go down this road instead of releasing more content is that a large chunk of the team left to work on future Bohemia games which will be powered by Enfusion.

Therefore, instead of trying to dish out content and fail to deliver, the team will be focusing on fixing the game's numerous issues. Inventory problems that were introduced in the latest patch are the top priority at the moment and should be fixed with the next update. After that, there will be vehicle handling changes but no further plans were revealed.

As for gameplay fixes, it looks like devs will try to make the unpopular items more useful in order to diversify the experience for the players, among other things. They will be fixing issues related to base building, updating the impact of the environment, giving cooking quality of life improvements and rebalancing the diseases and symptoms.

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On top of that, there will be further modding support updates, to complement the community's efforts. Last but not least, there is the notice that while new content won't be prioritised, DayZ won't be entirely devoid of it.

You can check out more about the planned changes on the announcement.

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