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Daymare 1998 is now out on PS4 and Xbox One

Published: 16:09, 28 April 2020
Invader Studios
Daymare 1998
Daymare 1998

Destructive Creations and Invader Studios finally launched Daymare 1998 on consoles, after a prolonged stay in Steam Early Access and later PC exclusivity.

Daymare 1998 began as a fan-made Resident Evil remake but Capcom took notice and demanded the project be stopped due to similarities to their own Resident Evil 2 Remake, which was merely upcoming at the time. Instead, the developers chose to rebrand the game and put it in its own setting, giving birth to Daymare 1998.

The game had a long stay in Steam Early Access before it was finished and many of those who left positive reviews fondly compare it to the official RE2 Remake.

On 28 April 2020, almost a year since the official Steam release, Daymare 1998 made it to consoles. The developers and publishers are promising the classic survival horror elements,  many of which are undoubtedly inspired by the good ol' Resident Evil games.

The protagonist is somewhat different though as the members of the H.A.D.E.S. ranks look more akin to UBCS or USS forces, with Liev bearing a striking resemblance to HUNK due to both characters being enveloped in mystery and highly focused on the mission.

Out of the three protagonists, only Samuel is not a member of the big bad company in this story but he is also not a member of an elite police unit, making him different from many Resident Evil folks.

Overall, if you haven't had enough survival horror to sate you with RE2 and RE3 remakes, Daymare 1998 may just fit the bill.

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