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Dauntless gets two new Hunt Passes in Fortune and Glory update

Published: 12:18, 15 July 2019
Phoenix Labs
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Dauntless - Fortune and Glory

Phoenix Labs' free to play monster slayer Dauntless is set to receive a major content update named Fortune and Glory. Arriving tomorrow - 16 July 2019, the update will add two new Hunt Passes, new challenges, pirate gear and a new store.

Fortune and Glory is the name of the first major content update for free-to-play action-RPG from Phoenix Labs - Dauntless. The update will arrive on Tuesday, 16 July 2019 and it's introducing two new Hunt Passes, new challenges called Trials, an in-game store Lady Luck's Shop and a lot of pirate gear.

For the toughest monster hunters, Trials will be a proper challenge as you'll have to battle against Behemoths, specially enhanced by dangerous modifiers, which makes them deadlier than anything you've encountered in your hunts so far. "Think Nayzaga with Ragetail Gnasher’s shockwaves and Shrowd’s near-sight vision," Phoenix Labs warn players.

Slaying these Behemoths will reward you with Marks, which is a brand new currency in Dauntless. You can spend these in Lady Luck's Shop which features exclusive items such as new weapon mods, special moves and "Yes, I am that good" cosmetics. Also, you can save Marks and fill in a brand-new cosmetic slot. Steel Marks are spent on weapon enhancing items while Gilded Marks are used for cosmetics only.

As announced earlier, Fortune and Glory will also introduce leaderboards or The Wall of Champions, how Phoenix Labs likes to call them. Here, you'll find the fastest completion times for each week's Trial. The wall is divided into Solo and Group times, giving you two different ways for each challenge, if you like competitiveness. Just like Dauntless' current weekly challenges, Trials will also change up once every seven days, meaning that the Wall will be wiped clean when the Trial changes.

High Skies season also arrives alongside Fortune and Glory and it introduces two Hunt Passes - Fortune and Glory and Zephyr Strike. It adds a bunch of new items which you can see in the image below. Each pass will feature fifty levels and two tracks - Basic and Elite - along with pirate-themed rewards.

Dauntless - Fortune and Glory Hunt Pass rewards Dauntless - Fortune and Glory Hunt Pass rewards

Fortune and Glory Hunt Pass will run until August 2019 and Zephyr Strike will begin immediately after.

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