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Dauntless update adds loadout slots, better crafting, Twin Suns

Published: 18:14, 05 September 2019
Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs are rolling out the latest patch to Dauntless, a monster-hunting game we've been secretly in love with, bringing a long-awaited update to loadouts, some reworking of the crafting interface and new exotic - Twin Suns repeaters.

"Our new loadout slots system lets you save and swap between up to 15 customizable loadouts, making it easier to quickly equip the gear (and hard-earned transmogs) that you need for your hunts. Each slot saves your weapon, armour, cells, mods, transmogs, and more", the dev wrote.

Dauntless was supposed to get loadouts much earlier but Phoenix Labs found that proper implementation requires a different approach, one that involved some rewriting, so it's time to take the result out for a spin.

The crafting system itself wasn't changed, but the ingredients for first-time crafting, upgrading and where to look for them is displayed more clearly. You'll also have visual cues for when weapons can be upgraded.

"You may also notice two highly-requested additions to the gear list on the left: item levels and cell slot types. These new indicators should make it easier to get a quick read on your gear collection and choose what to craft next", the dev wrote.

The new exotic are repeaters - Twin Suns. Their forte is mag bombs, which stick to behemoths and can be detonated at once, for huge amounts of damage. 

Twin Suns are available in Lady Luck's shop at a price of 1,000 Steel Marks and can be upgraded just like the regular weapons. 

"Also like other weapons, upgrades will be limited by the materials you currently have access to. (Translation: The Twin Suns are not a magic bullet. Even if they do, in a way, fire magic bullets", Phoenix labs wrote.

Phoenix Labs Dauntless exotic, Twin Suns Dauntless, Twin Suns

Dauntless is getting a new sword mod, chain blades mod, two new cells, Broadside Lantern, stacking cells and more.

Additionally, Dauntless' Ostian gunsmith has received a new shop in the main square, so we guess he's finally made the big league, wink wink.

You can find the full patch notes on Dauntless' , or check out the short non-blog .

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