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Dauntless roadmap reveals new hunt pass and leaderboards

Published: 16:23, 14 June 2019
dauntless screenshot showing a character in gray suit
dauntless screenshot showing a character in gray suit

Phoenix Labs, the developers of free to play action RPG Dauntless have shared a new roadmap for the upcoming updates that should arrive soon. According to the roadmap, Dauntless is getting new hunt pass, leaderboards and UI improvements.

Phoenix Labs have been pretty busy this week at E3 2019. First, they announced that Dauntless is coming to Nintendo Switch and also revealed that the game has reached 10 million players across all platforms since its release.

Of course, with such high player count, Phoenix Labs only have one thing in mind - keep adding content and new stuff to their free to play monster slayer. That's why they shared new roadmap that reveals what kind of updates can players expect in the near future.

One of the biggest additions will be leaderboards where's yours Trial completion times will be ranked, putting the quickest and most efficient slayers on top of the table. High Skies update will deliver a brand new Hunt Pass that will feature 50 levels with weapon skins and new, complete set of cosmetic corsair armour.

The devs also mention that a second High Skies Hunt Pass will arrive shortly after the first. More details on this one will be revealed later.

This summer, Phoenix Labs and Twitch will join forces to bring four full months of Twitch Prime rewards that include a brand new set of cosmetic armour, two in-game titles, a purple dye, supplies and other items.

Another major aesthetic change is coming to Skraev model. The official website states that this change will "further differentiate the two avian Behemoths, smooth out some of those frayed-looking feathers, and add new features to its frosty face". Also, The Skraev will receive an adjustment to its combat style to favour on-the-ground brawling.

Players will soon be able to equip cosmetic items to two brand new slots - head and back. "Think halo and wings, minus the strictly-angelic theme," Phoenix Lab say. At the moment, Phoenix Labs don't have specific release dates for these updates but they are expected in the upcoming months.

Epic Games dauntless artwork showing three armoured warriors Dauntless

You can check the official roadmap .

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