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Dark Souls 3's PC online features have been fixed

Published: 12:37, 25 August 2022
Dark Souls 3 screenshot showing a gothic city
Dark Souls 3 servers are live again meaning you can now see precious blood spots and invade other players

From Software have fixed the servers for the Dark Souls 3 PC version after a dangerous exploit has been discovered a couple of months ago. 

Multiplayer and other online features are now working in Dark Souls 3 on PC after the security issue has been fixed, From Software announced today via their social media channels. After many, many months, players can finally invade other worlds and get invaders in their session, while the iconic blood spots will also return to help players identify and anticipate the surprise attacks and traps.

As for the other two Dark Souls games, sadly, there is no fix just yet. From Software revealed that they are still working on the update for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, which still won't have online features until the fix is deployed.

"We are working to restore these features for all other Dark Souls titles and will inform you when they are back in service," From Software said.

Sadly, there's no specific time frame for the fix on the first two Dark Souls games but now that From Software have found a solution for at least one title, we're hopeful that a patch will follow closely for the other two titles.

Until then, you can play the best game in the trilogy in its full glory. 

Bandai Namco An armoured knight standing in front of a bonfire in Dark Souls: Remastered Dark Souls: Remastered is yet to receive a fix for the security issue discovered months ago

The exploit that was discovered in January 2022 allows the potential attacker to execute arbitrary code on a remote computer, which allows them to take control of the player's machine. 

The issue only affected PC players while the console version of all three games worked as intended. Interestingly, Elden Ring 's PC version did not suffer from this exploit on launch. 


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