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Mortal Shell developer used his fridge display to showcase Dark Souls 3 armour sets

Published: 12:34, 11 June 2020
mortal shell artwork and fridge with dark souls 3 armour stats
Mortal Shell for fridge too?

The developers of the highly-anticipated souls-like title Mortal Shell are big fans of Dark Souls 3. In fact, Vitaly Bulgarov, the co-founder of Cold Symmetry liked the game so much that he decided to use refrigerator screen as a display for armour sets.

Yesterday, we got a brand new Mortal Shell trailer, which showcased the game's gorgeous world, combat and more. Shortly after that, Cold Symmetry team sit with IGN's Daemon Hatfield to discuss the game and premiere gameplay footage .

As you may have noticed by now, Mortal Shell is a souls-like title with punishing combat and during the interview, the developers talked about how From Software's mega-popular series inspired them to create Mortal Shell.

Game Designer Andrew McLennan-Murray recalled one amusing situation when he was visiting Vitaly Bulgarov, the co-founder of Cold Symmetry for the first time. "First time I went over to Vitaly's house, he had this LED screen on his fridge, which was rotating the armour sets from Dark Souls 3, like it was pictures of his pets or kids or something," McLennan-Murray said.

You've probably head a ton of bizarre stories about FromSoftware games by now. From players trying to beat the game using a steering wheel to those who replace all enemies and bosses with Isshin in Sekiro.  However, this one is quite something and suddenly, we have the urge to try this on our own refrigerator screen. Perhaps, we could use it as death counter screen? 

Jokes aside, if you want to know more about Mortal Shell, check out the new trailer above. For those who want to know more about the man who uses his refrigerator screen for Dark Souls 3 armour sets, check out Vitaly Bulgarov's work on ArtStation . Spoiler: You're up for a treat.

Mortal Shell

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