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CK3 Royal Court expansion will allow for customization of artifacts

Published: 06:55, 12 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 - Artifacts
Crusader Kings 3 - Artifacts

The developer diaries are finally back and with more information on artifacts. When inspired craftsmen are creating some artifact or the other, there will now be a chance for players to influence the end product.

First, you probably know by now that artifacts are an investment that requires time and gold. An inspired character makes them for you, but how can you make them feel like they are really yours?  Why not inscribe your name on them!?

While an inspired character is hard at work making a fancy artifact for you, they might ask for your input on dedications: do you want this artifact to preserve the glory of your name for posterity? Or maybe you want to impress your lover, memorialize your deceased soulmate, or even make the artifact testify to your faith. A dedication is forever!

Occasionally, an inspired character might also seek your input on what functionalities you expect out of their artifact. Should your armor shine so bright that all your knights are inspired to greatness on the battlefield whenever you lead them, or should it favor practicality and make you more effective in mountain areas? You can choose an angle for your artifact that will make certain modifiers more likely to appear at creation.

Paradox Interactive Differences between European Artifacts and Indian ones Differences between European Artifacts and Indian ones

We all know where this leads. A number of players will sit down and think very hard on what to choose, to complement their character and their traits. Another, likely a much larger group, will find any and every way of making this a practice in absurdity, and we love it!

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