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CK3 Castle Update Introduces Changes to Choosing the Caliph

Published: 06:04, 26 May 2022
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 - Console Map
Crusader Kings 3 - Map

Heads of faith can now be set as characters of a different faith, with the Castle update. As long as these are tangentially connected, and not outright and directly opposed.

Historical faiths can be emulated by using the Rite tenet. Provided you don’t meet certain red lines for your old Head of Faith, at the cost of a tenet slot, you can keep your old faith’s Head of Faith while converting.

An example is Ecumenical Christians taking this decision to keep ecumenism, making them “astray” from the Catholic perspective.

Islam now has a bespoke system for choosing the correct caliph: though Shias are still fairly split between several caliphates and imamates, the mainline Sunnis, Ashari, Muwalladi, and Maturidi, now share the Sunni caliph as a Head of Faith. Muslims who share a Head of Faith view each other as ”righteous”.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 3 - His Holiness, Pope Alexander Crusader Kings 3 - Pope Alexander

Influential members of an Islamic faith whose Head of Faith doesn’t share their faith can attempt to Appoint a Righteous Caliph, claiming,and creating, the caliphate for themselves and splintering the Ummah.

Once splintered, a faith cannot be brought back into the fold. Islam is stronger together, but its differences often become irreconcilable.

New temporal Sunni and Shia faiths cannot appoint themselves as caliphs immediately if there’s a caliph available. Instead, they must show submission to an existing caliph from whom they derive their authority, even in rebellion, and then follow the path to Appoint a Righteous Caliph themselves. Characters intending to do this all along can get a little boost on the path.

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