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Crusader Kings 3 New Free Features At Release

Published: 01:02, 22 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3
This throne room needs some artifacts to fill the space

Paradox seem to be wrapping up their work on Fate of Iberia as the summer break is on the horizon. Update 1.6.1 is being released, with some new free content in the mix.

The Fate of Iberia Flavor Pack is coming out, and the developers are adding some more free content for their fans into the mix, with its release.

West African pagans now have an alternative path to feudalism, allowing them to obtain it by building successful kingdoms rather than requiring faith reformations.

It will also feature  new content related to the Canary Islands:

  • The Guanche Culture has been added
  • Found the Kingdom of Canarias Decision
  • A new Megalith Tenet
  • A new Pagan Faith: Achamanism

These are, of course, the ones we knew about before. However, the new content contains new game rules to control the fall of the Umayyads. You can choose between:

  • From game start
  • Only after the death of the initial Caliph
  • Only after 1020

Paradox Interactive Ck3 - Iberian Peninsula Ck3 - Iberian Peninsula


In addition, the developers have added more Arabic names to the Andalusian database, for those who wish to take the Struggle in a non-historical direction.

And, speaking of the Struggle, it seems that, due to player feedback, some parts of the system will be featured in future Paradox projects as well, as it has received a warm welcome among the fan base, as well as been tweaked to a new dimension. What those will be, remains to be seen.

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