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Crusader Kings 3 Reopens the Beta Tester Program

Published: 23:43, 14 June 2022

 The Beta program has been around since before the launch of the game, helping developers fine tune the game at various stages. Now it is time for it to make its return.

If you enjoy playing CK3, and perhaps have a niche knowledge that would benefit the group, such as a burning interest in the Kingdom of Ireland in 1101 or an extended knowledge of Medieval fashion choices in Iberia, then have we got the news for you.

If you think it sounds exciting to help developers in the development process of upcoming content and love the Medieval period, Paradox encourage you to send in your application to the, newly revived, Beta tester program.

As a Beta tester you get access to content currently in development. The role is to play early versions, give feedback on experience playing with the new features and if you encounter any issues whilst playing.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 3 - Console Map Crusader Kings 3 - Map

On the other side, the devs describe themselves as "a group of people that interact with the program continuously. Reading through feedback and thoughts, similarly how we monitor the forum and social channels, but with content not yet available to the public. We value the interaction and feedback from you guys a lot, and the Beta program is an important part of the Player / Developer interaction."

This is an exclusive opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see how our favorite grand strategy games get developed, and the thought process that goes into it.

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