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Crusader Kings 3 Fate of Iberia Flavor Pack Release Changes

Published: 06:24, 01 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 - Console Map
Crusader Kings 3 - Map

Since everything has gone according to plan, Paradox have released the Fate of Iberia Flavor Pack without a hitch, with some changes to the game, of course.

In the latest Dev Diary, Paradox are sharing with us the final Release Notes and some news on the release of the last installment of the Royal Edition. That, of course, being the Fate of Iberia Flavor Pack.

What players can expect to immediately find in the game, as they are hard to miss, are two new artifacts:

  • Chalice of Dona Urraca
  • Santiago aquamanile

Bells of Santiago de Compostela. Upon capture, they are melted down into an aquamanile. Upon recapture, they are melted down. Upon re-recapture, they are melted down, and so on and so forth.

Paradox Interactive CK3 - Western front wall concept art CK3 - Western front wall concept art

Additionally, several Faiths can now have the same Head of Faith. In particular, several Islamic faiths now share a Head of Faith at the game start, where temporal Islamic faiths need to decide on the creation and which existing caliph they'll submit to, which is optional for Muhakkima & Zandaqa. On the other hand, Conversos, Mozarabic, Insular, and Catholic all have the Pope as their Head of Faith.

On the Iberian Peninsula itself, Castille & Leon will now generally eventually be created in 867 starts, unless Asturias successfully integrates Castille completely.

When it comes to AI, the AI now desires less strength on its side in a war, calling fewer allies if it doesn't have to.

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