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Capcom slap Uniqlo clothing adverts on Street Fighter V

Published: 15:07, 13 March 2019
Picture of a versus screen between Sagat and Chun Li
Street Fighter V

Capcom have added adverts to Street Fighter V once again, following their removal after a public outcry the first time around. Thankfully, the ads are no longer stuck on characters at least but they are in a AAA game with season passes.

Games as a service model is giving its best to piss the players off once again as Capcom decided to put adverts back in Street Fighter V. The first time around the adverts proved to be as desirable as barbed toilet paper, which prompted Capcom to put them on hold, but they are now back in the backgrounds of certain stages and loading screens.

Players can still opt out of advertising which will remove them at the cost of in-game currency bonus they would get otherwise. It seems like Capcom learned at least one lesson from their first outing with Street Fighter V ads, as they are no longer stuck on characters in either loading screen or during the actual fight. 

All the adverts have been moved to the backgrounds of Capcom Pro Tour stages. This time around they are not advertising the Pro Tour but rather Uniqlo, the clothing shop that offers . As expected, players are not taking kindly on this second attempt at littering Street Fighter V with adds.

One of the most common reasons for the players' anger is the rather large cost of playing Street Fighter V. If a new player started playing it today, it would cost more than a regular AAA game to play it with the full character roster. The difference is not big now but whenever a new Character Pass landed, it cost $29,99 / €29,99 / £24,99. There are three in total.

Capcom Falke looks like a bdsm mistress in her black costume for Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V - Falke's black costume

Therefore, it is not hard to see where the controversy stems from. A paid game with three season passes is being littered with ads and the gamers are having none of it. Should Capcom get free rein with further advertising in their games, it could set a scary precedent for any gamer on any platform - your gaming experience could turn into an advert fest in the future.

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Street Fighter V - Abigail

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