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Caliber introduces Prestige reward that makes it slightly less pointless

Published: 14:25, 23 May 2023
1C Game Studios
Caliber - New emote awarded for Prestige
Caliber - New emote awarded for Prestige

Caliber is introducing new incentives for the Prestige system but it will remain pointless for most of the player base.

1C Game Studios are struggling with making Caliber 's credit sink more appealing as it may be the wrong time to worry about that particular part of the game since most of the player base is nowhere near reaching that point in progression.

To give more context on the situation, Caliber players are strapped for credits because they have 64 operators to unlock and upgrade, with four additional ones coming in late June 2023.

The Prestige system is meant to be a credit sink for players who don't have anything better to spend their credits on so you can see where the issue starts to arise.

Anyway, 1C are hoping to make the system more appealing by removing the penalty of restarting an operator's progress once you choose to do it but players will still have to earn 120,000 experience with the operator and pay 420,000 credits for each Prestige level.

Additionally, getting an operator to Prestige level five will give them the Superiority emote reward, which you can see on the image above.

In other words, it will be an emote that will require players to spend 2.1 million credits to earn it. Granted, it looks like somewhat of a carrot for players who have unlocked and upgraded the operators they need or want but for the majority of players, seeing 2.1 million credits is simply seeing enough currency to fully upgrade five operators.

Alternatively, it is enough currency to purchase three expensive operators and fully upgrade three of them, with some spare change left.

In conclusion, even though the Prestige system got upgraded, it will remain pointless for most of the currently active players.


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