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Bungie will release a new title in the next six years

Published: 21:40, 30 September 2019
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Destiny 2

Destiny originally kicked off with a 10-year plan back in 2014 and Bungie recently announced they would release a new title by 2025. Insert mild shock meme here.

According to Pete Parsons, Bungie CEO, the developer studio is readying up to make good on the promise to become "one of the best entertainment companies" in the world by 2025. The first thing on that agenda is to transform the Destiny franchise. Parsons didn't elaborate much on what the plans for this transformation are but did hint that this would be true fulfilment of Bungie's vision.

That is part one of Bungie's plans for becoming one of the best entertainment companies while the other refers to adding other franchises to their portfolio. In Parsons' words, Bungie "have a pretty specific path to make sure [they] transform Destiny and that [they] have other franchises within the marketplace".

Long story short, Bungie are going to introduce new franchises in the period of the next six years. Interestingly enough, the where Parsons revealed this information came almost exactly one year after the company

There is still no exact confirmation if this is a new franchise or a service but the trademark kicked in roughly three months after their was made public. Considering NetEase's nature, there is high probability of at least one of Bungie's future franchises focusing on mobile but it's all just early speculation at this time.

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

What is more imminent, however, is the release of Shadowkeep which should come in less than 24 hours of publishing this article, bringing about a pile of new content, influx of new players as New Light will go live on Steam and possibly a record in some metrics for Valve's service.

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