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Bungie are nerfing The Recluse and One-Eyed Mask

Published: 13:02, 15 November 2019
Destiny 2 - One-Eyed Mask
Destiny 2 - One-Eyed Mask

Destiny 2 PvP suffers from some balancing issues but two of the biggest offenders among the crowd are getting the nerf treatment. Both The Recluse and One-Eyed Mask are getting toned down, meaning there is only one part of the unholy trinity left untouched.

Both OEM and The Recluse are over the top when it comes to balancing Destiny 2 PvP and it looks like they will remain powerful items for times to come but at least they will be somewhat less annoying. 

The Recluse is getting hit in the damage section, as it will no longer default to the precision damage modifier once Master At Arms gets activated. There will still be a damage buff coming from it though. The only difference is that the buff will not be so severe, which should provide players with a few chances more at counterplay. Owners of The Recluse may need to incorporate some aiming into the process of deleting everything in front of them now.

Meanwhile, One-Eyed Mask is getting a slight hit to the survivability portion of the bonuses. The overshield bump has been removed so the Titans that kill marked enemies will just gain the regular regeneration. According to the , there are no changes to the length of the mark which will undoubtedly piss off many people who don't play OEM builds.

Considering it's the part about seeing enemy locations through the walls that vexed the most victims, it's unclear whether OEM will actually be balanced now or if it will continue the reign of terror as if nothing happened.

Destiny 2, Bungie's three newly added pinnacle weapons

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Destiny 2

Meanwhile, Xenophage machine gun is getting buffed in both PvP and PvE as it couldn't properly compete with its peers. PvE damage is increased by 50 per cent while the PvP buff alters the Heavy ammo gained from containers. It will now receive four rounds from shared containers and six rounds from solo ones. It's still hard to imagine people preferring it over the Hammerhead though.

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