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Bungie announces important Destiny 2 dates of the season

Published: 06:31, 18 March 2022
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 revealed some of the most important dates of the Season of the Risen and players can now properly plan for their seasonal challenges.

Bungie announced what the Destiny 2 players can expect in Season of the Risen, pretty much on a weekly basis with an addition or two more along the way. It mostly refers to the in-game events and activities that will become available with time.

The full schedule for Season of the Risen is as follows:

  • March 15 (ongoing at the time of writing): Iron Banner and a New PsiOps Battlegrounds Location 
  • March 22: Legend PsiOps Battlegrounds, Vow of the Disciple Challenges 
  • April 1: Trials Labs - Zone Capture 
  • April 5: Grandmaster Nightfalls 
  • April 8: Trials Labs - Freelance 
  • April 12: Iron Banner 
  • April 19: Vow of the Disciple Master Difficulty 
  • April 22: Trials Labs – Zone Capture 
  • May 3 to May 24: Guardian Games 
  • May 6: Trials Labs – Freelance, Community voted map 
  • May 10: Iron Banner 
  • May 20: Trials Labs – Freelance and Zone Capture

One of the takeaways here is the addition of community-voted maps in Trials of Osiris. This way, the players will get to choose a map that isn't particularly annoying to play on. Furthermore, the same week will feature Freelance Trials so everyone can get a proper chance of winning, without relying on stacked teams from the get-go.

Destiny 2

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Players will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell after completing 5 Crucible matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower.
Destiny 2

Freelance is getting tested intensely over the next few months, which may hint at the possibility of the mode staying for good in the next season.

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