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Boss Key Productions announce new game, talk Lawbreakers

Published: 20:36, 05 April 2018
Boss Key Productions
Two heros from co-op shooter game LawBreakers fighting

Lawbreakers didn't do so well in it's first year. The development team is aware of the fact that they couldn't capture the audience needed in order for the game to thrive. Greener pastures are on their way maybe as they announce a new game.

Boss Key Productions acknowledges that Lawbreakers didn't quite prove to be the game they thought it would be. They have since thought about turning the game into a free to play title, but they hand over that responsibility to the publisher, Nexon. 

Instead of focusing solely on fixing Lawbreakers, they will be leaving a team to work on it while the rest of the company works on a new project, as stated by the company's co-founder Cliff Bleszinski. It is as yet unknown what the next project for the company will be, but Bleszinski said they will be announcing everything in due time.

Bleszinski stated that the new project the team are working on is going to be a passion project over which they will have full control in terms of concept and development. That means they are both developing the game and publishing it on their own which makes it an indie title. 

It might not have the scope that Lawbreakers had in terms of graphics and other similar systems which take a lot of money and effort to provide, but they seem confident in their ability to bring a worthwhile experience for players who choose to play their next game.

Boss Key Productions LawBreakers LawBreakers

Lawbreakers was simply out-shadowed by the existence of other hero shooters such as Overwatch or the free to play Paladins. It now falls back into the closet to spend the remainder of it's days with Battleborn, the other hero shooter which wasn't blessed with good luck.

We can expect to hear more about the upcoming project that Boss Key Productions are working on pretty soon, but the studio has decided to keep quiet about it until they are ready and willing to announce anything.

The company was founded by Cliff Bleszinski of previously legendary Unreal and Gears of War series development, along with Arjan Brussee of Killzone fame who has recently left the studio and gone back to Epic Games after 20 years.

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